Molecular Biology of the Anti-tumor Effects of Spices

While all essential oils have a more or less broad spectrum of healing effects it is certainly true that, at this time, the ability to counteract chronic inflammation and the-anti tumor properties of Asian resins such as Frankincense and rhizomes such as Ginger or Turmeric are at the top of the list of research interest.

Discussing the exciting new science that demonstrates the anti-tumor properties of classic Asian spices is beyond the scope of this website. However, for those readers interested we will continuously update the references to this research in the Notes: Molecular Biology Section.

The image shows the current style of representing the interaction of plant substances interacting with so-called molecular targets. All the effects symbolized, downregulating NF kappaB, Inhibiting COX-2 or upregulating Apoptosis are caused by one phytochemical alone: 6-Gingerol.

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