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This site is meant to be explored leisurely. Images and text loosely connect Asian cultural perspectives to Eastern aromatics. The idea is to read and absorb. If the desire arises, products and product collections are offered at the bottom of some pages. For those in a hurry, there is a special page with a list of all available products.

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Information Detail

In order not to overload the illustrated pages the text works with references and notes. Explanations or expansions of some of the featured concepts are presented under the “Notes and More Reading” Menu. Information pertaining to the images on each page is also given in the “Notes” menu.


This site sets out to offer an Eastern perspective of aromatherapy to complement the current Euro centric approach, which is basically considered to represent aromatherapy per se. We use the terms British or French style to describe variations in how aromatherapy is understood and practiced. We do not really spend a lot of time investigating the fact that it was colonial history that has led to our familiarity with certain aromatics from the developing world and also to our lack of knowledge about others.

However, the language of plants, their communication through secondary metabolites is a global phenomenon. Distinctly Eastern sets out to allow the aromatherapy enthusiast to reach for essential oils, absolutes, carbon dioxide or other extracts which have not been worked over in the various programs attempting to formalize aromatherapy and its essential oils.

While the recent research about the anti-tumor properties of quite some Asian oils will be duly acknowledged, ‘Distinctly Eastern’ does not make any claims. It simply presents oils from Asia in a renewed context and tries to connect these less familiar aromatics to the cultural and fragrance universe from which they arose. For this, there are two categories: Experiences and Explorations.

Sensory Experiences

Emblematic Asian aromatics are combined to bring a touch of Asia into your home allowing the molecular melanges of the East to interact with your receptors as if you were there.

Explorations and Contemporary Science

With Asian aromatics there often are inherent mysteries and cases of nebulous identity. To shed some light on these issues we offer, for instance, not one Agarwood essential oil, but a small number of different specimens from different origins.

‘Distinctly Eastern’ attempts to identify the most readily available representative species of important genera and offers them side by side, so that we can become as familiar with different Turmeric species as we are with the differences between Fine and Spike Lavender.

Finally links and references are given for the exciting new developments surrounding some of the rhizomes and resins of Asian origins. For example: Instead of trying to outline all the research about the anti-tumor effects of the different Turmeric species links and references are included for the interested reader.


So may we recommend to look this site over, not in a frantic work environment, but in a more relaxed moment when your ideas and connections to Eastern style and philosophy could be refreshed.

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