Up among the little peaches are the little lotus boats,
Half picking pink lotuses, half white lotuses;
Unlikely are evil wind or waves from south of Kiang
Here at Nelumbo Pool, before the couch on which I lie

(Po shih Ch’ang-ch’ing chi)

Authentic Blue Water Lilly (Nymphea cerulea) Absolute from Sri Lanka

This fragrance is most refined and almost faint. The absolute contains rather unusual hydrocarbons, most likely not from terpene biosynthesis but from lipid metabolism. Among them are 6Z, 9E Heptadecadiene and 8 Heptadecene. For notions on authenticity of this absolute please see Notes: Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus Wax

A fascinating byproduct of the production of this absolute is the Wax residue of the first extraction of the concrete. These are the waxes extracted from the Nymphea flower. It is pure Lotus matter. Most amazingly the fragrance is tenacious and of pure Blue Lotus character. A tiny amount spread on the wrist in the morning gives magic to the day.

Osmanthus absolute

Another crown jewel of Chinese florals, often planted along side tea plantations, from Guangxi Province.

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