Monsoon is the climate phenomenon that made early trade in South Asian spices and Chinese treasures possible in the first place. The seasonally changing winds provided the energy to move the ships of the early traders across the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. The winds moved the boats in an Easterly direction in early summer and back West in the fall.

Monsoon moved Frankincense from Arabia to China and Silk from China to the West.

The three Monsoon aromatics are emblematic for Eastern equanimity. Having a little stand of these three precious fragrance materials on a special place in the house will allow you to walk by and stop for a drop or a swish of oil to immediately pick up the meditative or reflective mind set so part and parcel of Asian philosophies or practices.

For more reading on the significance of Monsoon and climate in general for our study of Asian aromatics please go to Notes: Climate, Culture and Essential Oils.


Blue Monsoon Bottles_v2


0.5 oz Lotus Butter

5 ml Sandalwood (Santalum album) from India

2 ml Agarwood Oils from the Lesser Sunda Islands

$ 195.00

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