The Great Lama Temple in Beijing

Construction of the Yonghe Temple started in 1694 during the Qing Dynasty. The Qianlong Emperor gave the temple imperial status. Subsequently, the monastery became a residence for Tibetan Buddhist monks from Mongolia and Tibet, and became the national centre of Lama administration. The temple has survived the Cultural Revolution due to the intervention of Premier Zhou Enlai. It was reopened to the public in 1981.

Nymphea cerulea

Two of the main constituents of this absolute are unsaturated hydrocarbons. One is 6Z, 9E Heptadecadiene and the other is 8 Heptadecene. While the first double unsaturated component is apparently not commercially available, the latter, 8 Heptadecene is. One can purchase 5 mg (that is 5 one thousands of a gram, or in aromatherapy terms one fiftieth of one drop) for $ 153. This is a rare example showing how sometimes authenticity can be supported by analysis, no one would buy this component to adulterate or reconstruct this absolute. The natural product, though quite expensive, is less expensive than the copy from the laboratory.

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