Rhizomes: Ginger and Turmeric

Studying the literature on the different Turmeric species – found mostly in South East Asia – two things become clear.

1) Different authors have vastly different ideas about the exact taxonomy and nomen clature of these plants.
2) Extracts of different Turmeric species and their components have been the subject of an astounding number of scientific studies investigating their anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory properties.

To explore we offer two collections

Turmeric collection: $32.50

Curcuma longa CO2 Extract (syn Curcuma domestica)
Curcuma xanthorriza CO2 Extract (Temu Lawak, or Javanese Turmeric containing the sought after anti-tumor component Xanthorrizol, probably also called Wild Turmeric)
Curcuma amada/armatum CO2 Extract (Mango Ginger)
Curcuma zedoaria EO (Zedoary)

Ginger collection: $28.50

Zingiber officinale distilled Sri Lanka
Zingiber officinale CO2        Indonesia
Zingiber cassumunar           Thailand

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